Muslims Represent Islam- A short Article

muslim represent islam


⭐Please write down your views!⭐

👉 What do you think?

🌹I have a very important point to say!

Islam is a religion of peace & prophet Muhammad ( peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him ) who is the last messenger of Allah (swt) has also taught us how peaceful Islam is.

His characteristics were the best of all mankind. SubhanAllah! Seeing his kind nature, loving & peaceful nature, helping & serving nature,made so many people accept Islam as he presented Islam the way it was!

👉And now a days people are doing completely against what Prophet ( peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him ) taught us to do.

👉He never shouted or disrespected a woman & now a days muslim men even hit a woman.

👉He was the most loyal & trustworthy & now a days muslim people eat his own brothers wealth.

👉 He treated everyone kindly, even the people who gave him trouble, and now a days muslims are not even treating their parents kindly.

By giving such examples i want to put light on the fact that Islam is what Prophet Muhammad( peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) followed & displayed..

And to follow him is a duty on every Muslim.We have a duty to invite every man on earth towards Islam the way prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did.

⭐I only request each of you reading this to represent Islam the way Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH ) did. Stop acting & doing things which is totally against Islam.

Don’t you think it is a duty on us too to spread Islam? Don’t you think we should represent Islam the way prophet ( pbuh ) did? Give your answers in the comment box below!

If you have read this article please do not forget to comment your views below & share it with hashtag #MuslimsrepresentIslam.

🌸We should now bring a change!
Even if one person starts thinking like this then we all will be rewarded In sha Allah!🌸

Love each other for the sake of Allah!.


Stay Blessed!

🌸Shurukh’s Rays🌸

7 thoughts on “Muslims Represent Islam- A short Article

  1. The sad part of today’s Ummah is that our Muslim brothers and sisters are defending themselves way too much. Instead of correcting themselves they are finding excuses to prove themselves right even when they are completely wrong.

    How can we help them ??

    When we advice them about the proper hijab we get a come back “Don’t judge me by what I wear. Maybe I don’t cover myself but my Imaan is stronger than the girls who cover themselves.”

    What do we do now ??
    Sit back and cry because we are fully covered so our Imaan is less than the ones who aren’t covered ??

    When we try explaining them Hadees and Quranic versions. Instead of trying to reason with it and understand it they question back “Pick up the books wisely, there are many books which are fabricated.”

    Should we stop trying to preach what we have learned ??
    Or still preach and get ignored ??

    There are many such example we will find in our lives.
    The real problem is either we have learned too much and have become arrogant or we know nothing and are ignorant.
    This Ummah is suffering from Arrogance and Ignorance.


    • Well said Aisha!
      I agree that muslims now a days are ignorant!

      I hope that we young generation be able to show world the real Islam!
      The beautiful & peaceful Islam!

      Thankyou for typing down your views!
      May Allah ( swt ) reward you🌹!


  2. Absolutely correct!
    Because as being Muslim we must practice Islam to the fullest
    Maybe we can’t have good perfection like our prophet (pbuh) and sahaba
    But at least we could try our best
    There’s no one out there who can say I haven’t sinned in my life time …but at least we could try to strike towards that perfection
    In regard to this message I could recollect a saying “invite people to Islam not by words but by actions”
    It is also said actions speak louder than words
    Who knows a minor deed of yours could drag someone towards Islam
    He/she might get intrested to learn about the religion

    All we Muslims do in case of crisis and destruction is we proterest, rallies,abolishing products of their countries, showing our agrresion instead of showing them what actually Islam is….

    People will definitely judge us on how we are
    We can’t say stop judging Islam by seeing few Muslims instead read Quran and Jugde
    There are many books of other religions who also encourage Good habits,manner and deeds
    But Quran is above all it has solution for every aspect of life
    Being the followers of Quran we must have to show the quranic teachings practically…

    And this has to be taken at such a level that the person who tries to destroy or humilate any muslim should think again again and his soul should shiver

    But unfortunately this kind of Iman was seen only in prophet’s time
    Today’s muslim talk more and act less…

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  3. Shaitan is the main reason for spoiling islam, we know what is good and bad and we have to do what allah want us to do.always say astaqfirullah


  4. Yes, indeed! Shurukh Hussain ❤
    As, actions speak louder than words, Actions are based on intentions, in todays generation we muslims judged each other regardless what they represent but Allah knows their hidden thoughts! So, islam can’t be defined or follwed by seeing muslims, rather islam is defined by follwing the Quran & Sunnah that will be our intercession on The Day of Judgement! As Prophet(pbuh) said i have left behind Me two things, if u cling to them u will not go astray, they are the Book of Allah(Quran) & My Sunnah! If we follow islam, by looking muslims regardless what they opt, at the end have to cling to Quran & Sunnah, the source of means for our guidance!
    Once Sahabah(R.a) said we are so lucky & fortunate that we see Muhammed(S) and we follow His teachings infront of Him, then our beloved Prophet(S) replied, the most luckiest people are My Ummah who come after Me & follow my teachings without even seeing Me, SubhanAllah ❤!
    So we are the Ummati of Prophet(S), follow the Gayab(unseen) knowledge, beliefs etc; Moreover we didn’t see our Prophets, their revelation, have to be certain & firm in our Deen by holding Quran & Sunnah! What else we want we are the Ummati of our last beloved Prophet Muhammad(S) first to enter Jannah In sha Allah!


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