Shurukh Hussain

shurukh-cropped Shurukh Hussain is an Islamic Educational website.  In today’s world where you cannot believe on the correctness of Islamic messages from different websites available on the internet the aim of Shurukh Hussain & it’s team is to provide our dear Muslim brothers & sisters with authentic Islamic messages. In sha Allah! 

We have tried to segregate the main menu of our website into “Islamic Posts in English” & “Islamic Posts in Roman English.

Every single message & post on this website  is verified many times before posting it. The reason to start this website is very simple. We have come across many websites that provide unauthentic Islamic messages & few websites that provide authentic messages but without a reference. Just like we used to face difficulty in finding the correct answer for the questions we had, we thought there might be many others like us & hence we started this website with an aim to learn & spread Islam the way Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) has taught us . So every post we share is backed up with authentic hadith book name,hadith number & also the source . But still we ask for Allah(swt)’s forgiveness for even the slightest error. Ameen! 

If you would like to join our team or would like to share your revert story, messages or authentic Islamic messages with us then send it by using the contact form below. You can also use this form to send your questions related to Islam.