An Unsuccessful man- A short poem

       Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem.

 🌷  In the Name of Allah(swt) the Most Beneficial and the Most Merciful.🌷

              I have written down a poem named  “An Unsuccessful man”. I hope this inspires you!!🌺🌺

An unsuccessful man.

🌻Born from the Stomach of the Mother,

        Tears in my father’s eyes & brother

Got two hands of father to carry me on his shoulder

Got two hands of Mother to cook, biryani, palak paneer or mattar.

Having born with two hands but Allah(swt) gifted me four other

Happiness,sleep & food was the perfect plan

I never thought i was an unsuccessful man.


Time for School, tiffins and activities other

Now less sleep,new friends & wash my own potty further

Mama said to be the best in the class than other

Papa said my daughter is the best no matter what says mother

Growing older Allah(swt) gifted me with good school, teachers, friends & necessities other

I loved my life & i had all that is needed by a man

I never thought i was an unsuccessful man.


Time for College,Canteens and chit chats other

Now no sleep,crazy friends & looking good is what matter

Mama always said these friends are not permanent they are like feather

Papa said this time mama is right and do as says your mother

I tested my friends and found out mama & papa is right & friends proved to be feather.

Allah(swt) gifted me with such good parents who protected me to go astray & become an unsuccessful man

My parents saved me from becoming an unsuccessful man.


Fools are the People who do not love family & spend time more with other

Girlfriends & boyfriends have you met a moments ago,how could you forget you were in the stomach of your mother

Girlfriends ask you to be their king,bow down and propose further,how could you forget your daddy carried you on his shoulder.

Boyfriends ask you to meet alone saying lie to your father & mother

How could you follow a shaitaan when Allah took care of you since you were in the stomach of your mother

When Allah(swt) wants you to be a successful man

I never thought my friend you wanted to become an unsuccessful man.


I🌻 thankyou for your time that you have spend in reading my poem-” An Unsuccessful man”  Do remember my parents in your prayers. May Allah(swt) grant my parents Jannah. Ameen:)

👉If you liked my poem- “An unsuccessful man” share this among your loved one’s In sha Allah! And i would love to read your reviews on my poem.


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