Assalamualaikum Warehmatullahi Wabarakatuhuwrite_ebook

Heyyy!!  Welcome to my blog. Firstly thank you, for your time for checking out my blog. Now that you have come let me introduce you to myself.

My name is Shurukh Hussain Syeda(even though the blog name speaks that itself 🙂 lol), the meaning of my name Shurukh is Sun’s first ray(suraj ki pehli kiran/the first ray of the sun).I am aspiring to become a Chartered Accountant. Ameen

Even though my name is not so common but I hope you all know about the Ishraaq Salaah. The ishraaq prayers are a two-rakah supererogatory prayer offered after the sun has completely risen. It was the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (saws) that he would lead the believers in the obligatory fajr prayer in the mosque, then sit and glorify and remember Allah Subhanah till the sun had completely risen; and then he would offer a two-rakah prayer and leave the mosque. This two-rakah prayer in the early morning after the sun has completely risen is known as the Israaq prayer.

So why am I telling you abou the Ishraaq Salaah? Well, the Ishraaq Salaah in the European side is called “Shurukh Salaah” Tadaa! A bit of surprise to all those who did not know this before. 

What inspired me to become a blogger?

Well nothing! haha! See writing is an art & it comes automatically. Whenever I feel sad or happy I make use of that feeling & write my heart in words.So by this I mean to say that anybody can write, it is just that you need to get involved in it. Say Bismillah & start. Who knows you inspire someone someday with your words. Ameen! So I have written few poems(i’ll be glad if you could take some time out to read ’em). I am planning to write a few more in future In sha Allah but that depends on my mood! Lets see 😉textgram_1467559368

If you got any suggestions for my blog , any new ideas or if you are a writer & searching for a platform I can share that for you on my blog. It will be great if you guys would type down few words on my posts in the comment box!




  1. Very impressive Miss.shurukh
    Definetly would like to be a part of your blog after reading every bit of sentence very keenly got to know more closer about you.

    May allah give you more knowledge and sharing thats we can enjoy by reading.

    Liked by 2 people

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