Assalamualaikum Warehmatullahi wabarakatuhu!

Dear all, Hope you all are keeping fine. In sha Allah!

I have been receiving a looooottttt of requests to make an app for my website so that it becomes easy for them to access my website through their mobile phones.So finally the wait is over. Alhamdulillah!

The app is available to be downloaded from Google play store. Just type “Shurukh Hussain” in your search box in play store or click on the link below to install the app.

Shurukh Hussain (Islamic Educational App) on Google play store

Benefits of downloading the app:

  1. You will receive a notification as soon as a new post is uploaded on my website.
  2. You can read the Biography of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) just at a single click. You need not go to my website & then access it.
  3. You can easily share the Islamic messages via whatsapp, twitter,facebook etc
  4. Asma Ul Husna Urdu translations at one place.
  5. An Ayah A day notifications on your mobile
  6. Learn Islamic Arts & drawings directly from the app.

Please download & make use of it & invite your friends & family to download the app.

Jazak Allah khair


Lots of Love – Shurukh Hussain 🙂 

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