Shurukh’s Rays


My dear brothers & sisters in Islam welcome to my blog & thankyou for reading stories & poetries written by me.Even though there are no copyrights for my poetries & stories, if anyone of you would like to copy it or publish it on their blog or website can do so, but i would be thankful if credits are given to my blog & my permission is asked before using it anywhere else. In sha Allah!

This is Shurukh Hussain Syeda. you can call me Shurukh.The meaning of my name “Shurukh” is ‘Sun’s First Ray’.

I live in The Netherlands in the beautiful city Denhaag aka Holland.

To connect with me on Social sites just click on the links below:

Facebook- Shurukh Hussain

 Instagram- Shurukh Hussain.

I use no other social media than these two!

I am a pursuing chartered Accountancy and beside that i run an Islamic group named: “Women’s Islamic Group.“(You can find this Islamic group on Facebook, Google,Youtube & Google play aswell).


Jazak Allah Khair:) Stay Blessed!

May Allah(swt) grant you jannah and forgive all your previous sins and make our life’s better in this world and hereafter. Ameen!

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