A surprise Visitor – A short Poem.

🌷Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem.🌷
In the Name of Allah(swt) the Most Merciful and the Most Beneficial”.

💕Assalamualaikum Warehmatullahi wabaarakatuhu
🌸Hope you all are doing fine & are in the best state of Emaan & Health.
May Allah ( swt ) shower his blessings on you & your family.
Ameen ya Rabbul Alameen. 🌸

I was unable to write poetries since a long time as i had my CA exams going on. Alhamdulillah i wrote them very well.
Do pray that i get Success in those exams. Ameen!

✌But finally on track with my regular mission & vision to inspire my dear Muslims brothers & sisters in Islam through my short poetries & stories .
In sha Allah!.

🌺      I have written a short poem named: A Surprise Visitor🌺
I Hope this inspires you.
In sha Allah.
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My name is Death
I am a Surprise Visitor for You today & i have come to take your breathe,
Don’t panic, it will not hurt much, i ‘ll do nothing to your body, just take your Soul out.
Don’t act as if you didn’t know about my arrival, i was always roaming behind you when you were sleeping, standing or went out.
I know you love your life, your parents, children & your spouse,
But I have been ordered to bring your deeds & your soul to the Death House,
Stop looking back at your mother & father, sister & brother, daughter & son
You are now,nothing more than a memory to them, they will wash you & bury you in Mud
And don’t bother much about yourself too, you will be given what you have earned.
Don’t ask me questions : “Why so Early? Why so soon?”
You knew I would come some day to take your breathe,as if you were never born.

So my name is Death i may be a Surprise Visitor for you tomorrow
My arrival is for Sure,but my visit get Sorrows,
Even though my name is death, people say me a Surprise Visitor
So remember me like you remember your name, i am a visitor that is sure to arrive
I ll take you to the next world by a permanent drive.

Jazak Allah khair for your time for reading my poem :
🌸” A surprise Visitor”🌸
I hope this inspired you to get prepared for your death, as it is sure to knock your door any moment,any second.
👉Always remind yourself that this world is temporary & your final destination is yet to come. 

And Plan your deeds accordingly & follow the way our Prophet Muhammad ( peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him ) lived his life!
In sha Allah!
May Allah ( swt ) make us & our Parents amongst the people who will enter Jannah!
Ameen ya Rabbul Alameen.
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Jazak Allah khair 🙂
Stay Blessed 🙂 🌷

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