Muslims Represent Islam- A short Article

muslim represent islam


⭐Please write down your views!⭐

👉 What do you think?

🌹I have a very important point to say!

Islam is a religion of peace & prophet Muhammad ( peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him ) who is the last messenger of Allah (swt) has also taught us how peaceful Islam is.

His characteristics were the best of all mankind. SubhanAllah! Seeing his kind nature, loving & peaceful nature, helping & serving nature,made so many people accept Islam as he presented Islam the way it was!

👉And now a days people are doing completely against what Prophet ( peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him ) taught us to do.

👉He never shouted or disrespected a woman & now a days muslim men even hit a woman.

👉He was the most loyal & trustworthy & now a days muslim people eat his own brothers wealth.

👉 He treated everyone kindly, even the people who gave him trouble, and now a days muslims are not even treating their parents kindly.

By giving such examples i want to put light on the fact that Islam is what Prophet Muhammad( peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) followed & displayed..

And to follow him is a duty on every Muslim.We have a duty to invite every man on earth towards Islam the way prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did.

⭐I only request each of you reading this to represent Islam the way Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH ) did. Stop acting & doing things which is totally against Islam.

Don’t you think it is a duty on us too to spread Islam? Don’t you think we should represent Islam the way prophet ( pbuh ) did? Give your answers in the comment box below!

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🌸We should now bring a change!
Even if one person starts thinking like this then we all will be rewarded In sha Allah!🌸

Love each other for the sake of Allah!.


Stay Blessed!

🌸Shurukh’s Rays🌸