“Oh Son” – A poetry which made Prophet{pbuh} cry!

🌹Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem🌹

🌹In the name of Allah the Most
Merciful & the most beneficial🌹

This poetry is the most heartbreaking poetry.

Prophet(saw) cried so much after listening this poetry that his beard was soaked in tears.:'(

please read & share it with your own friends & families.

👉And after reading this poetry if you learned a lesson & if you were also left in tears the way i was say your father today that:

I love you baba…💕

🌸There was a young man who came to the prophet(pbuh) complaining to the Messenger(pbuh).

He said to him.
“Ya Rasulullah. My Father takes my money. He always ask me for money”.
Rasulullah(pbuh) said
” Well. Call your father.”

🌸Jibraeel(A.S) came to the prophet(pbuh) in that time and said to Him,

“Rasullullah(pbuh) , when the father comes to you,
ask him what you want but ask him this question aswell.

🌸Ask him “What were you saying in secret on your way here?

The Father was muttering something which the son couldn’t hear.
He Said “Ask him what he was saying”?

when father approached,

⭐Rasulullah(pbuh) asked him

“Is it true what your son is saying”?

👉 Then father said “
Ya Rasulallah, if you only knew what i am using this money for anyway. I am using it to look after his poor aunty.

She is left alone and i am using his money towards his family because i am poor.

The prophet(pbuh) said

“Look i want to ask you a question “Tell me what were you saying in secret when you were coming towards me here.

⭐”The father look at the prophet(pbuh) and said “i made some verses of poetry”.

Rasulullah(pbuh) said “please say them to me” and he (The father) said:

💦”Oh son i nourished you when you were a baby,

💦I looked after you in care as you grew up until you became an adolescent

💦you lived upon what i worked for & strived & sacrificed  my body & time & wealth so that you may live healthy.

💦Whenever a night passed you,when you were sick or ill or coughed i was the first to be up carrying you & looking upon you with my heart.

💦 Afraid if an atom or little breeze would harm you in anyway.

💦I could not sleep while you were sick, untill you slept & then i slept.

💦He said, ” If i used to see you sick it was as if, i was the one who was sick & ill. so my eyes would always overwhelm with tears but you never knew. & then he said

💦”And when you finally reached adulthood which all my life i was anticipating and looking forward to seeing you become that.
you gave me Reward & your reward was


as if i am the one who owes you & you owe me nothing. The way you treated me was like a neighbour would treat his neighbour.
⭐I wish you even gave me

Rasulullah(pbuh) looked at the father and the father looked at him.

🌸Prophet(pbuh)’s beard was soaked with tears.

🌸From his emotion Rasulullah(pbuh) grabed the boy at his chest. He shook him(the son) and said to him:


Hadees in Ibn Marjah

All these lines are taken from a video by Mufti Menk & Tareeq Jameel Sahab. (May Allah ( swt ) grant them Jannah! Ameen🌸

🌸Shurukh’s Rays🌸