Raheem’s death-changed my life

🌷Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem.🌷

In the Name of Allah(swt) the Most Merciful and the Most Beneficial”.

My Name is Shurukh Hussain Syeda. You can call me Shurukh. I am 21 years old.

I am a Chartered Accountant final year student.My aim is to become a chartered Accountant & live the rest of my life peacefully{In sha Allah}.

Alhamdulillah Allah(swt) has blessed me with good parents(May Allah(swt) grant them Jannah. Ameen),blessed me with good health, blessed me with all the necessaries that a man requires Alhamdulillah. I never thought before this Ramadan 2015 that anything is missing in my life or my life is incomplete.  🌻

🌺Then Allah(swt) brought a big change in my life.A change which i never imagined or planned in my life before. But that change came into me in the form of a very sad news.The change was from a death: death of a friend.

Few weeks before this Ramadan 2015 i heard of a news which shook my soul. My School friend Raheem died.Inna lillahi wa inna Ilaihi Rajiun“

🌻He was also 21 years old. An engineering final year student, a sports captian during School days,fit,healthy & a football player.He was a friendly man & religious on the same hand..I coudn’t believe it for many hours that he died,unless my other school friends confirmed the news.

👉   I wondered how can a boy who was waiting for his Engineering Final results & planning to go abroad for Masters just died. How in a second all his dreams & his parents dream came to an end.How in a second Allah(swt) called him. Just How??

But i also couldn’t ignore the universal truth that every living being has to return back to Allah(swt),has to show his face to Allah(swt), he will be held accountable for all the deeds that he did in this world. Ya Allah(swt) help us in becoming a good muslim. Ameen.



I thought one day even i will die,I will be presented in front of Allah(swt) with my good & bad deeds which i did in this world,angels will be holding my deed books & saying Allah(swt) about me. And at that time


Am i atleast capable of calling myself a true,practicing muslim, a true Ummah of Prophet(peace be upon him).Am i amongst the pious women? Am i doing something extra other than the obligatory part which will help me in gaining sawab e jaria after i die?The answer which my soul gave was: NO!  First time in my life i was facing the real me, the incomplete me,the shurukh who was much busy with the wordly activities compared to the islamic activities.

Even though i knew about this universal truth since i attained maturity,but this time it was different,i faced a magical change in myself,i wanted to do something for gaining sawab e jaria after i die.That day i realised that i got a mission.A mission to learn & spread Islam.A reason to live the way prophet(pbuh) lived. That day i realised that every muslim born is born for a reason.It is only us who think that we are normal, we only have to live, earn & spend our days.But that is not the truth. The truth is you all are special, every muslim is special, every one has a mission we only need to realise it and then follow it. Allah(swt) gives many indications but we don’t catch it.But I caught it & at no cause i wanted to leave it. I did not need any more motivation than Raheem’s death to change myself.

To give a start to my pious intentions i created a whatsapp group. An Islamic whatsapp group where the members were only women.The first dawaah in my life to so many women whom i had in my contact list.It took time for the group to get organised but Alhamdulillah now it is organised & also on social sites such as facebook. google & youtube. The name of the group is “Women’s Islamic Group”.(In sha Allah in my next post i will write about women’s islamic group).I can’t thank enough Allah(swt) for giving my life a mission & next my parents who always supported me (May Allah(swt) give them long life & good health. Ameen) & my teacher Zeenath Ma’am(May Allah(swt) give her long life & good health. Ameen)

If you are reading this i want to tell you that you are special, you are born for a mission, a mission to spread Islam with love & patience the way our prophet(pbuh) did in his lifetime.I want to tell you that Allah(swt) has blessed you with a talent, find it out,and make it shine like a diamond. Let the world know that you are the Ummah of prophet(pbuh).Allah(swt) knows you can do it, it is only you who have to perform it. Trust me every muslim is born for a reason.Love each other for the sake of Allah(swt) & spread deen the way our beloved prophet(pbuh) did. You will find a mission & vision. In sha Allah.

I🌻 thankyou for your time that you have spend in reading my life changing moment. I request you to keep my friend Raheem in your prayers In sha Allah. & i hope this inspired you. Even a small whatsapp group is enough to start earning rewards for sawab e jaria. Make a move Allah(swt) will take you to next level automatically.

👉If you liked my life changing moment share this among your loved one’s In sha Allah! And if you have a life changing moment,share it with me,i would love to read it.

Stay Blessed:)



8 thoughts on “Raheem’s death-changed my life

  1. Assalamu alaikum Shurukh..may Allah (swt) grant jannah to ua frnd abdur raheem n ol muslims too..
    An eye opening message from you,although we use to heard about deaths of someones,some where every day but to learn something from is indeed a different thing..we all should spent our Lil time for the sake of Allah inspite of being a good Muslim apart from worldly activities by keeping the same intentions as u mentioned it above..this specific verse(every soul has has to taste death) stuck my mind all the time..by reading this article I felt pity on me being a Muslim,being knower of all sorts of things v r providing our more time towards our goals in this world..in sha Allah I will spent my much time for Allah n his proposals to get utmost of benefits in this world n the next world too,in sha Allah..
    Jazak allah khair for such a beautiful msg Shurukh:)

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    • @hajera
      I thank you for reading my life changing moment.🌹
      I pray,we all be included amongst the pious one’s. Ameen🌸🌹.
      wa antum fa jazakumullahu khairun 🌷
      Stay Blessed☺..💕💕


  2. Assalamualaikum warahmatullah hi wabarkaatuhu… May Allah(subhanwataala) grant abdurraheem highest place in jannah..
    Abdurraheem was oso my cousin’s best frnd.. They ol together made final project.. And project was wid raheem only in his home.. On the day he died my cousin got a cal frm raheem in the morning.. They were planning to go college or may be i dunno exactly.. And my cousin was getting ready n suddenly few hours later he got a cal . And he came to know abdurraheem is no more..He was in total shock. Andwas in tears.. On the same day my mother told me about this…


    About me.. Even i was worldy living guy.. fully fashionable ,Flirting, Dating, Movies hanging out,etc etc….And for me after mercy of Allah(subhanwataala) it was my nani’s sudden death wich changed my whole life..
    Its a big story i cant pen down evrything here..:(but frm der on.. my ol worldy dreams got washed away from my mind n heart ..Alhumdulilah.. And today only thing i know is to please Allah(subhanwataala) day by day hour by hour…

    This whole life is just a temporary joy,, and the best of ol is a rightious wife..❤ May Allah Grant me one ..:)
    Always remember one thing.. If u give ur heart n mind to Sum1 except Allah(subhanwataala) den ul be a looser in dis world n hereafter..!

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