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And Allah Guides whom he wills – Story of Umar(A short poem)

                                       Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem.

 🌷  In the Name of Allah(swt) the Most Beneficial and the Most Merciful.🌷

Umar has written down his story of reverting to Islam like a poem  “”. I hope this inspires you!!🌺🌺


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I have a 1000 memories that are bound to leave some scars
My soul was torn apart
A troubled heart left without a star

I swear my life was only dark.
And I’ve been through more
than most may even fathom

Always dancing with with demons
plus the devils and the phantoms.
so imagine a man today, trying to set everything right,


I was cheated on by the one,who i hoped would be my wife,
And best friends of mine even betrayed me, stabbed in the back,twisted the knife.

But this is my life and since it’s dark I sought the truth hoping for light.
And Allah found me broken, my thoughts? I never spoke them.

I was hopeless & tried to kill myself A cloud of smoke, still i was smokeless.
And I witnessed my best friend shot down right in front of my eyes.
Murdered, he found his end with a conspiracy of lies.


But I fought back & survived, and perhaps it’s destiny that today i try.
To be a reminder for your soul
That Allah is with us all our lives.

Only Allah could save me from what i was facing
As for my sins? Allah will forgive them & I reverted to Islam,
Saved from the fate of every pagan.

So whatever test you, face right now,
Trust me that Allah will get you through.
I used to stare down the barrel of a gun & bow

Hoping only one shot would simply do.
Now today i am blessed to be a Muslim
I won’t regret my past or the pain,
I am grateful for what i have been through!


I🌻 thankyou for your time that you have spend in reading this poem-” TRSUST YOUR STRUGGLE” Umar is a living example that Allah can guide whomever he wills & for all the pain faced by Umar in the past Allah(swt) has shown him the way to Islam!

👉If you liked thsis poem- “Trust your struggle” share this among your loved one’s In sha Allah! And i would love to read your reviews on this poem.